Thursday, January 10, 2008

Audi of America > See All Models > Audi R8

Just had an instant message conversation tonight from my brother-in-law, Nate, and he posted a link to a very beautiful car. Since he is a certified Audi mechanic he gets to see cars like this every day.

(7:51:16 PM) Nate Tuskey: check this out --hottest car we sell

(7:51:19 PM) Nate Tuskey: ive only seen one

(7:51:21 PM) Nate Tuskey: The Audi R8

Audi R8

When I agreed that it is was a very pretty car, he underlined the point of it's awesomeness.

(8:40:36 PM) Nate Tuskey: oh yeah --its like sex on wheels

(8:40:49 PM) Nate Tuskey: and faster than a cheetah on cocaine

Audi R8


(8:42:12 PM) Nate Tuskey: oh yeah it tops out at 240

Audi R8

Okay Nate, I'm interested now. Are you gonna buy me one?

(8:43:12 PM) Nate Tuskey: but they do start at 150k

So, I guess picking out what color I want can wait for a while.

Audi R8

(8:45:36 PM) Nate Tuskey: yeah ---the only problem with the r8 it that its kinda hard to drive

Audi R8

(8:45:52 PM) Nate Tuskey: its a manual transmissions without a clutch pedal


Audi R8

(8:46:25 PM) Nate Tuskey: see --thats how confusing it is

I guess I can make some sacrifices. Nate is going to an auto show next month where there will be one of these and he will probably be uploading some more pics.