Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Auto Parts Warehouse Hot Product: Tail Light Assembly

There are many ways that you can keep safe on the road. From rear view mirrors to horns, keeping yourself safe is a full-time job. You should never compromise safety! Having a busted (or missing!) tail light assembly makes you a driving hazard.

Picking out your car's new tail light assembly used to be a drag. With times such as the one we’re in right now, time seems to be the one thing no one has. Going to a shop to pick out a new tail light assembly is not as easy to do as you want it to be. Good thing that modern times provide us with many conveniences, the primary one being the internet. Everyone can get anything off the internet now, including your tail light assembly!

Online shopping has made life a whole lot easier for everyone. Even car parts can now be bought online. And with increased reliance on the internet for our daily activities, it makes perfect sense. And with so many good deals to see, which one do you pick? There are so many tail light assemblies online now, available from a wide range of suppliers. Getting the one for you requires responsible buying.

You have to make sure that you are getting quality products. Check to see if the brands on stock are reputable. And since competition is tight, you will encounter a lot of deals. You, of course, want the best value for your money, so it is advisable to check sites that have free shipping. No need to pay more money when you don’t have to.

So go ahead. Browse the many sites that offer your car’s specific tail light assembly. Pick a reputable supplier, and choose the best deal for you. Good luck shopping online!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Top Five Ways to Customize Your Car for Less - JC Whitney

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Top Five Ways to Customize Your Car for Less

Want to customize your car without breaking the bank? Of course, everyone would love to buy new wheels, drop in a

bumping stereo and customize from top to bottom, but not everyone is able to put thousands of dollars into their car.

Whether you want to stylize your car with

topnotch customizations or money-saving add-ons, JC Whitney has the parts you need. Below are the top five ways to add a little of your

own flare for less.

1. Wheel Covers or


Sure, a pair of sweet alloy wheels

makes every car look good. But if you can't afford them or you're saving up for those slick rims, look into wheel covers or simulators. JC

Whitney has a huge selection to choose from--with items sold at a fraction of the cost of new wheels.

2. Graphics &


Can't afford a new custom paint job?

You're not alone. But, hey, there's a lower cost solution out there for those who would like to add a little personality to their vehicle.

At JC Whitney, you'll find a great selection of graphics and decals, from window art to racing stripes.

3. Hood Ornaments &


Replace your hood ornament or add

emblems for a low-cost customization option. From fish to elephants, flying eagles to goddesses, find a hood ornament that suits your own

unique style at JC Whitney.

4. Seat Covers

Do your old seats look battered or stained? Make them look new

with seat covers from JC Whitney. Even if you have a new car, you can protect your seats and add some custom flavor to the interior of

your vehicle.

5. Custom Floor


Need an interior

enhancement? New floor mats can make old cars look like new on the inside. Too, you can protect the carpeting of new cars while adding

great style at a fraction of the cost of dealer-bought floor mats.

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Find customization options and everything else automotive at JC


Monday, July 1, 2013

Auto Parts Warehouse Hot Product: Oxygen Sensor

Weird seasons, heat waves, crazy weather – ever wished you could do something about the nasty environmental effects of climate change in your own simple way? Turns out you can just by making sure that your vehicle has a properly working oxygen sensor.

Most cars manufactured after 1980 have oxygen sensors installed. The sensor not only ensures that a vehicle produces the least amount of emissions; it also helps the engine to run efficiently and properly. New cars won’t be able to run without a good oxygen sensor because it is essential to their engines' proper performance. Take for example a gasoline-fueled car. It is only possible to burn gasoline in the engine when oxygen is present. Experts have discovered that the perfect air-fuel ratio in a gasoline engine is 14.7:1. Thus, the closer the mixture of oxygen and gasoline in your engine to this ratio, the more efficiently your car runs. When an engine "runs rich," there is more fuel and less air in the mixture, which could result in the spark plugs failing. On the other hand, when an engine "runs lean," there is more air and less fuel than ideal, increasing the risk of the car stalling.

The oxygen sensor in the exhaust pipe enables the engine computer to determine whether the engine is running rich or lean. The device uses a voltage-generating chemical reaction that signals the computer to correctly adjust the amount of fuel being burnt. The amount of air the engine pulls depends on a lot of factors, such as air and engine temperature, altitude, load, etc.

Needless to say, your car will likely perform poorly and produce a huge amount of emissions when its oxygen sensor malfunctions. If your engine always runs rich or lean, its sensor must have already failed. No need to worry though, because you've found the right place to avail of the finest oxygen sensor in the aftermarket today. The best part is we ship for free! Order now and drive a mean, clean, green machine on the road.