Sunday, December 18, 2005


I want to welcome you to Mudhorny. My name is Jim Arconati and I am running this site for my little brother Jon Arconati. Jon is an auto-mechanic of great skill and an enthusiast of motor sports, four-wheel drive vehicles and sports involving mud. I am using Blogger to host and manage the content of this site at the moment for simple ease and familiarity. There are plans in the works for moving this site forward, but for now you will mostly find the automotive technology information I can cull from the free auto news mags you find at your grocery store and links to car part shopping sites that I know of. As time goes by, I will be turning content management over to Jon.

If you want more information about this site or want to be involved in it's continuity, feel free to use the comments link on any blog post. Thank you for visiting

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