Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nissan Xterra SUV - Show Us Your X

I've been seeing some unique advertising campaigns lately on the television where the car manufacturer will be featuring the new vehicle in a unique way, and then the domain name at the end of the commercial matches the advertising slogan. This is as opposed to the manufacturer's website. Nissan starts us off with Show Us Your X...

The idea here is that Nissan is generating buzz behind this SUV among the off-roaders and extreme enthusiasts. Their looking for owners and fans to submit pictures. What I find interesting is that they aren't just sending the user to the main Nissan site and then having them click from there, but created a whole new site and domain name specifically for this campaign. It's an interesting idea and it looks like it will pay off.

Learn more about the Nissan Xterra SUV - Show Us Your X!

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Update (2008/08/13): Added a screen shot from the current website. It would appear that the link to this site simply forwards onto now. Shame.

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