Thursday, May 29, 2008

Play Indestructo Tank 2

Until I read the instructions, I kept playing this game wrong. I thought the object was to avoid the enemy shooting you and also avoid them when your tank bounces around after getting shot. However, your tank is indestructible. The main goal is actually to get struck by the aircraft's missiles and then bounce into the air and knock the bad guys out of the sky. You have to knock enough out of the sky to make it to the next experience level. Combos gain you more experience. You upgrade the fleet of enemies at each level, making for more frequent helicopters as they fly by. Play Indestructo Tank 2 at Reflexive Arcade. Keep in mind, your tank is indestructible. This seems so counter-intuitive for most video games. But once you quickly get used to it, the constant explosions become quite fun.

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